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Blanc d’Enguera

Oak barrel-fermented white wine. Finca Casa Corones, Fontanars dels Alforins.


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90 puntos guía Peñin 2022

Vintage 2021. Extremely rainy spring with significant mildew infections that reduced the amount of the harvest by up to 25%. The quality of whites was good at Fontanars, with Verdil and Viognier from Blanc d’Enguera turning out slightly more aromatic than other years.

Manual harvest in boxes of 15 kilos. Grapes from the best vineyards of our Casa Corones estate, located in the heart of Fontanars dels Alforins at 700 m above sea level. 20 years old dry vineyard. Production 2.2 kg/vine. Calcareous, clay loam soils. High percentage of active limestone.

José Vicente Gómez Carbajal


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by @earthlytaste


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