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Juan Ramón Iglesias Pérez

Enguera Winery Manager

Industrial Engineer.
Polytechnic University of Valencia
Master’s Sommelier specializing in wines D.O. Valencia

Third generation of the winery, he is the Manager and Commercial Director of Bodegas Enguera. Juan Ramón takes what people want from our wines and imprints a fresh, familiar and close style essential to boost the company and create new, exciting wines.

José Vicente Gómez Carbajal

Technical Director and Viticulturist

Agricultural engineer.
Polytechnic University of Valencia
Polytechnic University of Valencia

Bodegas Enguera’s viticulture owes its success to the work of José Vicente. Thanks to the development of a great technical approach, it makes it possible to obtain the highest quality grape crop year after year.

Diego Fernández Pons

Bodegas Enguera Winemaker

Agricultural engineer.
Polytechnic University of Valencia
Diplôme Nacional d’Oenologie (DNO)
Ecole Nationale d’Agrnomie de Montpellier

Diego is passionate about Valencian wines, and the creator of the entire enological project of Bodegas Enguera. His experience, both nationally and internationally, has allowed us to obtain true oenological gems.

Juan Martínez Barberá

head of R&d

Agricultural engineer.
Polytechnic University of Valencia
Master in oenology.
Polytechnic University of Valencia

Juan is the head of R&D at Bodegas Enguera and Technical Director at Enguera Planet. It is from his passion for organic viticulture and sustainability that the projects developed in the Enguera Planet research center arise

Jorge Valles Torres

Cellar Master

Higher technician in viticulture

Diego’s arms in the cellar. Entry of grapes, racking, filling and emptying barrels, preparing bottling and a long etcetera. Jorge executes each of the processes with great precision so that it is the vineyard that expresses itself through our wines.

Joaquín Iglesias Jiménez

Second generation of the Winery

Industrial expert

Joaquín is no longer an active part of the team, but he continues to share his enthusiasm and his passion for wine at each visit to the winery. If you have ever visited our winery, you will have seen that Joaquín is pure hospitality. He certainly makes you feel at home.

Pedro Iglesias Pérez

Third Generation of the Winery

Viticulture technician

Pedro has always been linked to winery work, and is passionate about organic and regenerative agriculture. He enjoys sharing his passion and knowledge of the world of wine during visits to the winery.

Manuel Martínez Herrero



Manuel is the man behind our company’s accounting. He oversees the management strategy to put every investment we make in the winery and vineyard back at the forefront.

Juan Iglesias Jiménez

Second generation of the Winery

Industrial Engineer

Juan Iglesias was manager of the winery from 2002 to 2013. Although he has been in the background for years, he continues to contribute with his experience and great work so that the project continues on the right track. Juan makes clear that time must be dedicated to doing what you are passionate about, and that’s the reason why he is always available to help his children manage the winery.

Adama Sidibe

Bottling Team

Adama is part of the team that makes it possible for wines to be bottled and labeled on time so that they can be shipped to our customers. Always attentive to every detail so that you never find a labeling mistake in the wines from our winery.

David Ferrándis

Bottling Team

Each bottling order passes through the hands of David, who coordinates the work teams and prepares everything necessary for its set-up. Willing to do whatever it takes so that all the equipment works perfectly.

Casandra Barahona

Head of Administration

Cassandra is the one who coordinates the Administration team. Her work makes it possible for every part of the administration process to run perfectly. Coordinating purchases and production was never easy, until Cassandra’s arrival.

María Cruz Pérez

Second generation of the Winery

María Cruz is part of the 2nd generation of Bodegas Enguera and daughter of D. Pedro Pérez Pardo, founder of the winery.

From the beginning of the project, together with her husband Juan, she was responsible for the growth of the winery’s exports project, working on management tasks until her children took over.

Antonio Piqueras

Enguera Viticulturist

The vineyard requires daily work in order to obtain the highest quality grapes. Pruning, treatments, green pruning, harvest. Toni is on top of each of these processes so that the Enguera vineyard continues to surprise the team’s winemakers.

Vicent Ribera

Fontanars Viticulturist

The most premium grape of the winery is born in Fontanars dels Alforins. 65 hectares of vineyards which require a lot of care, managed by Vicent Ribera. Green pruning, for example, is one of the most important tasks in this dry-land vineyard. In this field, Vicent is a specialist.

Sandra Córdoba


Master’s in Pests Control

Sandra is a member of the Enguera Planet technical team and a great specialist in conservation strategies and the ecology of bats.

She’s responsible for a very large part of the execution of the projects that we develop at Enguera Planet.

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